‘Dominated by grace – Kartik Fine Arts’ – V. R. Devika

‘Neena has a mature approach to the dance and does a slow delineation that brings out clearly all the subtle nuances of the dance form. Hers is a strong technique with a good understanding. She began with a sollukkattu in Arabhi raga and Sankirnajathi Jhampa tala, which brought out the basic elements of Mohiniyattam. . .. The very sweet varnam, ‘Kandarpavichita Mohini’ in Suddha Dhanyasi brings out the very essence of Mohiniyattam that is enchantment. Neena did full justice to the varnam. The ragamalika Ashtapadi ‘Ratisukhasare’ was given the same good treatment, and the audience had a good treat watching a good Mohiniyattam performance.’