Dr Neena has been at the forefront of creative choreography, contributing to the development of Mohiniyattam. Among her numerous works are Cholkettus, padams and thillanas apart from compositions drawing from the rich heritage of India and Kerala. A selection of her works are given below:

Soorpanakha - 'a woman scorned '- is a strong solo thematic presentation, where the usual , monotonous pining Nayika is breaken.The work begins with the soliloquy 'Apamanam enthorapamanam,' where soorpanakha reveals the disgrace upon her.

Droupadi - Is a thematic work based on the famous Oriya writer Pratibha Rai's Yagnaseni. A contemporory work is put in a traditional padavarnam format.

Pitru yagna - A colaborative work on Vedanta,on the philosophical liberation of Human being to Moksha, through the committed deeds to the souls of ancesters.

"Krishna Bhakti" – A portrayal of love towards Lord Krishna, in three different planes, depicted through Radha, Yasoda and Meera

"Amrapali" – A commentary on the futility of materialistic pursuits, elaborated in the context of the spiritual transformation and adoption of monastic order of a royal courtesan drawn to The Buddha.

"Sakuntala" – A reinterpretation of the classic from a feminist perspective.

"Urmila" – The recreation of a tragic character in the Ramayana, in a poignant statement against hierarchal orders prevalent in traditional societies.

Compositions incorporating the rhythmic variety of Carnatic Tala system into Mohiniyattam Cholkettu (a pure dance number of rhythmic syllable sung in a musical chord) – sangeerna jathi jhampa talam, misra jathi triputa talam, mattya talam.

Original Thillanas (fast compositions, generally performed as grand finale) enhancing pure dance technique.

Devi Kesadipadam cholkettu, literature based on Kalamezhuthu pattu.